We are delighted to announce Film Volt Limited Announces Further Expansion into Digital Distribution

Traditional UK film distributor, Film Volt Limited, announces its further expansion into digital distribution with expanded developer partnerships to its digital division while celebrating their three year partnership with Apple, Amazon, #Roku, Android, Hulu, Samsung and HI Sense.

Film Volt Limited has quietly worked to expand its reach into digital markets over by focusing on app development for major hardware markets like Smart TV's and in auto-entertainment. Following in the footsteps of the recent #Disney+/Tesla deal, Film Volt Limited looks to the future to provide its content creators with a broader range of distribution and revenue opportunities. The company’s expanded division known as Film Volt Digital creates and manages OTT, SVOD, PPV and IPTV channels in conjunction with Film Volt’s traditional distribution.

The Digital division gives Film Volt the needed tech backbone to expand its acquisitions beyond film and shorts by opening the door to distribute mini-series, episodic television, documentaries, filmed podcasts, educational, and news content. Film Volt already delivers its current content to millions of viewers worldwide with distribution deals in the US, UK, Canada, Latin America, South America, and India.

We can provide the ability for those that hold the rights to pilots, libraries of any shape to generate revenue where before, the content may have sat in a vault or been placed on YouTube for a fraction of the revenue that can be generated from Film Volt’s reach,” states Ray Davies, head of International Distribution and Business Development.

Film Volt, as an independent company, allows it to directly partner content providers in all stages of development or production who have grown tired of poor returns and loss of intellectual property rights and future revenues that are the norm with traditional entertainment companies.

We value the ability of creators to retain their rights and generate revenue off of their work, and because understand the market, we can grant a distribution deal to those who are being shut out of the marketplace because they aren’t large tentpole pictures, “This is a boon for both the established creator looking to escape packaging fees and want to own the fruits of their creativity and a door opener for emerging talent and even small production companies that may have library product but are getting shut out because they want a bigger revenue share on their projects from day one and wish to retain their underlying rights, they can find a home and opportunity with Film Volt,” states Shann Dornhecker, US Distribution.

Testing was carried out in a number of #Toyota #Ford and #Honda branded automobiles. Film Volt Digital have also been testing a number of applications on #Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku TV for the past twelve months very successfully.

As a result of their partnerships— Film Volt, has seen a 20% increase in revenue in the past year and expects that to double with its expansion of Film Volt Digital.

A large number of independent filmmakers have benefited from working with Film Volt on a global scale. Film Volt’s studio partners have also seen an uptick in their revenues thanks to the strategic technical expertise of Film Volt’s CEO, Mark Busby.

Busby has worked diligently to build an international team with over 30 years of film/television/online content production and distribution experience to guide its partners on what is needed to succeed in the increasingly difficult world of content distribution. Its experienced staff allows the company to stay nimble and adapt to new market opportunities creating more revenue for rights holders as well as giving young talent a first time opportunity.

British Award-winning Film Director Jon Pegg known for Birmingham based film (The Quiet One) was quoted by saying, “No one would take our film on and when Mark saw the potential in my film and now its available globally via Film Volt’s Channels. Without his vision our film would still be sat on the shelf and no one would have seen it.”

International Film Festival Director Jeff Simpson said, “Since Out of the Can Film Festival partnered with Mark and Film Volt Ltd in 2017 they have supported over 150 of our submitter s with distribution of their projects on a worldwide scale with placements on major platforms, giving independent film makers some fantastic opportunity’s to gain revenue and much needed recognition for their work.”

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