The Search For Simon London Screening

November 16, 2016


'The Search for Simon' Comedy SciFi Movie + Q&A

Date: Wednesday, 30th November 2016
Time: 7pm for 7.30pm screening
Location: Courthouse Hotel, London


The Search for Simon
In Space No One Can Hear You Dream
(Comedy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, 96 min, Not Rated)


Followed by Q&A with 
Martin Gooch - Director
Jen Brown - Actress
Carol Cleveland - Actress (Monty Python)
Noeleen Comiskey - Actress (EastEnders, The Bill)

Hosted by David McGillivray
David has been a comedy writer for more than 50 years. For the past 32 he has written for Julian Clary. David wrote Julian's most recent show, "The Joy of Mincing", which finished an international tour this month, and has written "Cinderella", this year's London Palladium panto, in which Julian stars with Paul O'Grady. Earlier this year he produced the scandalous short film, "Trouser Bar", which is now playing festivals around the world.

One of the Top Ten British Comedies of 2013 - London Film Review
Official Selection - London Sci-Fi Festival
Official Selection - Raindance Film Festival
Official Delection - Monaco Film Festival
Winner Best Feature - Monaco Film Festival
Winner Best Film Audience Award - Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival
Winner Best of Fest - Monaco Independent Spirit Award

Simon Jones, (12 Monkeys, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who), Carol Cleveland (Monty Python), Ian Livingstone (Harry Potter, Batman Begins), Chase Masterson (Robin Hood Men in Tights)

"A Triumph" - Terry Jones, Monty Python
"Very Silly" - Michael Palin, Monty Python

"This was one of my festival favorite features this year." - Boston Sci-Fi Festival

"This is a distinctly cheap and cheerful production, and while it’s probably fair to say that other films in the festival eked more impressive production values out of similar budgets, almost none had the charm, sincerity or comic skill that Gooch marshals to turn his film’s amiable ricketiness into one of its primary virtues." - London intl Sci-Fi Festival

"Martin stakes his claim to a very English kind of film, blending science fiction, drama and comedy in a charmingly off-beat manner. As with his debut "After Death" it is great to see a writer/director striking out and doing something original and quirky." - The London Film Review

David has spent years traveling the UK and the world, funded by a small but fortuitous lottery win, to visit people who claimed to have been abducted or had a close encounter, he has a website and Facebook group where he asks people to help in his quest, they upload video interviews they have done for him.
He has met and interviewed respected scientists, and members of the public who have ‘come into contact’ with Aliens or even been abducted themselves.
David is convinced he is onto something.
His mother has given up hope that David will ever get a proper job – or heaven forbid - find a girl and settle down, but point blank refuses to talk about the loss of her other son Simon.

Thirty years ago David Jones’ younger brother Simon disappeared without trace.  He has never been seen since.  
Every week David goes to the local pub (to either play war-games or be in a pub quiz). His fellow pub friends are totally bored of his UFO obsession, however Sally, a girl he met at the ‘Failed Suicide club’ really likes him, though David is oblivious to her advances, and being somewhat shy – she isn’t getting very far.
David wont listen to anyone talk about the possibility that Simon just died, or is dead - because listening means he's wasted his whole life.

If you look hard enough - you can find anything...

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